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over 20 years ago when a friend asked me to help declutter & organize her home. As I helped my overwhelmed friend find joy & peace once

 again in her home, my heart was full. 

I know how comforting it is to have someone come alongside you in those moments of being overwhelmed & not judge, but rather offer a gentle helping hand.

I've been a stay-at-home momma of littles. A working momma of busy teenagers. An empty-nester down-sizing. I've moved over 20 times & have lived in apartments, small houses & not-so small houses. Having been a teacher, I've experienced everything from creating classrooms out of a closet of leftover resources to decluttering an inherited abundance of resources.

All that to say, I've organized and decluttered a lot of things along the way. I would love to join you and be that gentle helping hand to guide you on your way to simplicity.

"If you think you need help because you're a little or a lot overwhelmed, just do something kind for yourself and use Simplicity Way. Michelle will bring peace where there's shame, and calm where there is chaos."


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